Alfie's Yidl - by Alfie Dodds

Alfie’s Yidl – by Alfie Dodds



Alfie Dodd who was at Hackney Downs 1951-1956. Wrote “AlfAlfie’s Yidl Alfie Dodd was born in 1939 at the start of WW2 of a Jewish mother in Stoke Newington, an area of London then well-known for its mixed population of mainly Christian and descendants of Eastern European Jewish immigrants. Through his father’s infidelity he was raised in a Christian home and was often involved in the conflict that was present between the different religious and ethical groups who lived in the East-End of London. His mother’s new partner was operating outside the law. Young Alfie suffered the consequences of being taken into care and loosing the love and security every lad needs as they grow to maturity. Alfie was bright; he won a place at the prestigious local grammar, Hackney Downs School but Alfie was a rebel and remained at the Grammar thanks to the far-sightedness of teachers who saw a spark in him and campaigned for him to remain on the roll! Later in life, Alfie successfully qualified as a Civil Engineer before becoming the author of ‘Alfie’s Yidl’. This is the tale he wrote to describe his life. Some names and dates were altered by him and other parts have been fictionalised, but the story nonetheless gives a true picture of growing up in the East-End of London in the late 1940’s and 1950’s. Sadly, Alfie was not able to build on his life through ill-health and died at the age of 54. This is Alfie’s story and his book gives a very vivid and accurate view of how life was in the East-End of London in the 1940s and’s Yidl” can be obtained from