Prof Aubrey Silberston, CBE

Date of Birth 26/1/1922 London

Education: Hackney Downs School; LSE; Jesus College Cambridge.

Royal Fusiliers 1942-45, served in Iraq, Egypt, N Africa and Italy;

Economist Courtaulds Ltd 1946-50;

Univ of Cambridge: res fell St Catharine’s Coll 1950-53, lectr in economics 1951-71, fell St John’s Coll 1958-71; official fell Nuffield Coll Oxford 1971-78 (dean 1972-78);

Univ of London: prof of economics Imperial College 1978-87, prof emeritus Univ of London 1987-,

Senior research fell Business Sch Imperial Coll 1987-2005;

Senior adviser London Economics 1992-2004;

Member: Monopolies Commission 1965-68,

Bd Br Steel Corp 1967-76,

Royal Commission on the Press 1974-77,

Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution 1986-96, Restrictive Practices Ct 1986-92,

Council of Experts Intellectual Property Inst 1992-;

Specialist adviser Sub-Committee B European Communities

Ctee House of Lords 1993; pres Confedn of Euro Econ Assocs 1988-90,

Vice-pres Royal Econ Soc 1992- (memb 1946, sec gen 1979-92)

“Philip Bentley and Aubrey Silberston provide a balanced treatment of a complex area of trade law – taking action against dumped or subsized exports. They document in an accessible manner the many problems associated with current rules and practice and provide a practical set of recommendations to improve the administration of trade law in these areas.”

Books and Publications

The Motor Industry (with George Maxcy, 1959),

Economic Impact of the Patent System (with C T Taylor, 1973),

The Steel Industry (jtly, 1974),

The Multi-Fibre Arrangement and the UK Economy (1984),

British Manufacturing Overseas (with David Shepherd and Roger Strange, 1985),

The Future of the Multi-Fibre Arrangement (with Michèle Ledić, 1989),

Beyond the Multi-Fibre Arrangement (jtly, 1995),

Environmental Economics (jt ed, 1995),

The Changing Industrial Map of Europe (jtly, 1996),

Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Action (with Philip Bentley, QC, 2007)