Austin, F. Britten (Frederick Britten)
F. Britten Austin Collection, 1911-1929
born Mile End, London: 8 May 1885 died Weston-super-Mare, Somerset: 12 March 1941

The collection consists of selected letters and typescripts of English novelist and storywriter F. Britten Austin. There are four letters (1911-1912) which Austin sent to the literary agent James Brand Pinker and one letter (1913) to A. A. Anderson, editor of The Magazine. The typescripts included here are of stories no. 6, “Through the Eyes of Columbus,” and no. 8, “At Trafalgar,” of Austin’s work A Saga of the Sea, which is a collection of short stories of great adventures at sea from ancient Greece to the 19th century ironclad MERRIMAC. Both typescripts contain autograph corrections and are signed by Austin. On p. 37 of “Through the Eyes of Columbus” there is an autograph note from Austin to Edward Newton stating that this is the final original draft of the short story which was to be published by the Saturday Evening Post; the note is dated March 5, 1929.

UK writer and World War One army captain, most noted for his collections of stories illustrating problems for UK military security arising in Future Wars from new weaponry and tactics: In Action: Studies of War (coll 1913) and The War-God Walks Again (coll 1926). The latter volume is occasionally eloquent. Austin also wrote several volumes of linked stories, each comprising a kind of anthropological romance telling the development of a significant aspect of Man’s history through the ages; examples are A Saga of the Sea (coll of linked stories 1929), where a ship’s history is told, and A Saga of the Sword (coll of linked stories 1928). The first and last stories of each of these collections tend to infringe upon sf material and concerns. His other works also include some marginal sf; for example, the final tale in The Red Flag (coll of linked stories 1932) is set in 1977. – See more at: