Dr Melvyn Myers BSc, ARCS, PhD (Hackney Downs 1949-1956)

Professor Melvyn Myers, a leading expert in medical imaging who pioneered the application of physics to medical problems.

Dr Myers’ links with Imperial College London began when he obtained his first degree in Physics in 1961. He went on to work at Hammersmith Hospital (now part of Imperial) as an MRC Fellow. After completing his PhD at the University of Aberdeen, he rejoined Hammersmith in 1974, where he has been working ever since.

Dr Myers has consistently contributed to medical diagnosis for patient benefit, and his dedication to this field remains arguably unmatched by anyone else at Imperial. Dr Myers’ particular insistence on developing rigorous, quantitative approaches has led to diagnostic techniques which are still routinely used in medicine all over the world. Principally he pioneered the power of applying physics to medical problems in a clinical environment, built and developed the first gamma camera outside the USA and constructed the first digital clinical imaging system in the world.

In the last 10 years Dr Myers has dedicated his activities to the NHS and trained the next generation of nuclear medical scientists. His tireless work has established rigorous and quantitative standards in clinical diagnostic.

Professor Myers obtained his degree in physics at Imperial in 1961 and went on to work at Hammersmith Hospital, now part of Imperial, as an MRC Fellow. He continues to work with Imperial as a visiting professor to train the next generation of nuclear medical scientists.