The Clove Club had its annual lunch on 9th June 2013.

About 60 attended.

Willie Watkins Willie Watkins gave a brief overview of current developments and held up a few goodies including a list of best boys.
Esmond Selwyn – 59er – entertained us.

If anyone would like to hear more of his music – he has a website with samples of our very own great jazz guitarist in action. He also has a selection of CDs available for purchase.

Esmond Selwyn
Tony Wimberley and Keith Quentin Where else but the Clove Club lunch could you meet up with a great teacher like Tony Wibberley and a friend from school like Keith Quentin after nearly 50 years. Tony was telling us about how is mother (99 years young) walks around an area of Nottingham where she now lives – an area visited by Keith when he goes to see his daughter.
Danny Baron (59er) taking pictures – Esmond Selwyn on stage.

Danny went from Grocer’s to Cardiff to study medicine. He continued his enthusiasm with all things sport. He is working in the Sports Injury Department at King’s College Hospital London. At one time Danny was club doctor for Millwall FC.

Danny Baron

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