First Professor of Israeli Studies in the UK, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.

BSc (Leicester), MSc (North London), PhD (Middlesex)

As a former chemistry lecturer, Colin Shindler knows all about explosive situations. His new appointment could certainly be construed as such. Shindler has just been made the country’s first-ever Professor of Israeli Studies at London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), the college with the reputation of being the most hostile anti-Israel campus in the UK.


Professor Colin Shindler - Lecture The Road to Utopia

Professor Colin Shindler – Lecture The Road to Utopia

The Palestinian Society at SOAS is the only one in the country run by a professional organiser and has held anti-Zionist events, including an Israel Apartheid Week. Meanwhile, posters advertising Shindler’s book, What do Zionists Believe?, were daubed with swastikas.

Shindler is well aware of the hostility from a section of students and from lecturers, many of whom are aligned with the far-left Socialist Workers Party. But he says he has encountered no antisemitism in the years he has already worked there. Indeed, students are literally queuing up to take his courses.

In the calm of his north London living room, where the only disturbances come courtesy of his baby granddaughter, Shindler recalls his first lecture of the new term, two weeks ago. “When you walk in for your first lecture, you never know how many people are going to be there. This autumn there were people sitting on the floor and outside in the corridor. I’m desperately trying to find a bigger room.”

There was pressure on me to cancel my lectures on Tel Aviv. There was intimidation

Colin Shindler

Although some Jewish students have reportedly been put off attending SOAS by the anti-Israel atmosphere, plenty do enrol. But the Israeli studies course is by no mean exclusively Jewish.

Shindler explains: “People come to this college and to the course from the developing world, and many of them are from Arab and Muslim countries. A lot of them come with their views about Israel pre-determined.”

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Prof. Colin Shindler – The Road to Utopia, The Origins of Anti-Zionism on the British Left

The Triumph of Military Zionism

The Triumph of Military Zionism – Colin Shindler



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