Professor of Urology from 1961-75 at Hammersmith Hospital

1920s – Kidney Transplant Pioneer

The laborious task of setting up and using the machine seems to have been undertaken in great part by Joekes, by this time a senior lecturer at Hammersmith together with his colleague, Ken Lowe. 2   Early results however did not establish its superiority over the dietary and electrolytic treatment then being refined and advocated by Bull and Borst, despite the nausea and mouth ulcers occasioned by their regimen. Joekes himself, although continuing to devote his experience to the development of dialysis as consultant to the renal units at RAF Halton and St Phillips (the Institute of Urology), has always said that at the time he was unconvinced that the artificial kidney would continue to play a major role in treatment. The one at Hammersmith was virtually abandoned until later in 1957 when Prof. Ralph Shackman started using it again in his department of urology. – http://www.bts.org.uk/BTS/About_Us/History/Memoir_by_John_Hopewell/BTS/Archive/Memoir_by_John_Hopewell.aspx?hkey=ab7785c2-859a-49cc-ab23-50c574fb30ec