Staff 1960

Staff Photo, taken at the same time as the whole school panoramic photo, and showing:

Back Row:

Bruno Huenermund (German Language Assistant); ? ; ? ; ? ; Dominic Elwes, Eric McDonald, ? ; Ormond Uren;  David Ogilvie; ? ; Tony Wibberley; ? ; David Edwards; The late Bernard James Law; and the French Assistant.

Middle Row:

Frank Pickett (School Secretary); Kenneth Payne; the late Roger Adlam; the late Leonard Chester Smith; the late Robert Champeney; Albert Calland; Sydney Weekes; David Evison; Edgar Thomas Abbott;  ? (Handicraft Teacher)

Front Row:

? ; Douglas Fry; the late William G.Boyd; the late William H. Warburton; the late Cyril Corner; the late Joseph Brearley; the late Vernon Barkway Pye; the late Charles Adrian Gee; the late Leslie George Mitchell; Jimmy Marr; Malcolm Jacobs; Roy Dunning.