Alexander Ernest Williams – The Sixth Headmaster

Alec Williams came to Hackney Downs in 1960, serving until his retirement in 1973. This photo, unattributed, was published in The Review to mark his retirement

With Degrees from both Oxford and Cambridge Alec Williams was outstandingly qualified.

It seems that our Head Teachers were pre-destined to have eventful terms of office. Gull retired when the Grocers’ Company gave the School to the Government, Jenkyn Thomas oversaw those changes and the tumult of World War 1, T.O.Balk suffered evacuation of the School to Kings Lynn and the trauma of World War 2, John Kemp witnessed the changing nature of Hackney and the School through the 70’s and Eighties.

Our Sixth Headmaster suffered both the destruction of the original School by the Fire of 1963 and its re-birth and transformation into a Comprehensive.

One day, I hope, he will be persuaded to tell his story – for the record.